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HP wins Itanium case, Oracle ordered to pay $3.1 billion

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise recently received one great news when a California jury ordered Oracle to pay $3.1 billion in damages for the case over HP’s Itanium servers.

Jurors in state court in San Jose, California, gave their unanimous verdict favoring HP after only five hours of deliberation.

The case stems from Oracle’s decision in 2011 to stop developing software for use with HP’s Itanium-based servers, saying that Intel made it imminent that the chip was nearing the end of its life and was shifting its focus to its x86 microprocessor.

However, HP said that it had an agreement with Oracle that support for Itanium would continue because the equipment using the chip would become obsolete without the proper support.

Back in 2012, Santa Clara Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg ruled that there had been a contract between the two said companies and that the support of Oracle to Itanium servers should continue.

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