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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active fails water-resistance test

Samsung’s smartphone product called Galaxy S7 Active failed a water-resistance test despite the tech company’s claim that all S7 devices can withstand water.

According to a test conducted by Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization respected for its product testing, their two S7 Active models, which were both obtained online, both failed the water-resistance test.

When one S7 active model was sunk under a water tank pressurized to 2.12 ponds-per-square-inch for 30 minutes, the handset’s screen flashed green and other colors and became unresponsive to touches. Tiny bubbles appeared on the camera lenses.

They tested a second Active phone and it also failed. After it was removed from the tank, the screen cycled on and off every few seconds, and moisture was present in the front and back camera lenses. Water was also present in the slot holding the SIM card.

Following the test, the screens of both phones would light up when the phones were plugged in but both never returned to functionality.

Samsung said it has received very few complaints and had subject the handset through strict testing for quality assurance. They did note that “there may be an off-chance that a defective device is not as watertight as it should be.”

S7 Active phone costs $795 in the U.S., while a regular S7 model is priced $100 lower.

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