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Lenovo to Set its Vision for New Technology and Future Innovations at First Lenovo Tech World

Lenovo announced Lenovo Tech World, its first exclusive global event in which it will demonstrate its vision of computing and emerging technology for the next five years as well as current innovations via exciting new product announcements. Lenovo will host the event from May 28 in Beijing, a city where the company has its roots and also at the heart of high tech innovation where consumers have a heavy appetite for the latest electronic devices.

Lenovo Tech World will share Lenovo’s perspective on the entire device and connected ecosystem with emphasis on human-centric design, from wearables and smartphones to tablets, PCs, servers and software and cloud services. Many of the concept products and technology demonstrations will show how the potential of future technologies will change the way people live, work and play.

Not only focused on product and R&T, Tech World will also address the company’s transformation via new business models and strategy for 2015 and beyond. Lenovo will be inviting media, customers, fans, partners and others from around the world to join Lenovo Tech World.

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