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Life on a short list

Indecisive? You are not to blame! Today’s world is packed full of decisions. It is difficult to compare the myriad of options that barrage us every day. Be it products or what to do with your spare time, it’s good to know that the choices you’ve made and the things you know are of the best available quality. Thankfully, the phenomena of top ten lists have made it easy to learn what’s at the top in any category imaginable. is the mother of all Top Ten List sites. Not only are there literally hundreds of lists to read, but they are on just about every topic you could think off. Want to know about spiders and their superpowers? Want to know about why a former party girl will make the best mom? This is the site, and it will keep you hooked for hours. Just when you think you’ve had enough, you’ll see a title that sparks your interest. There are loads of hours to be lost browsing the site alone. With concise and well-written descriptions of items on all of the lists, you will be equipped with all sorts of useful information just from browsing for a short time.

From shopping for a new vacuum cleaner to learning the most interesting historical events and even keeping up with celebrity gossip, these lists are a great source for all kinds of information. They can help in finding the best gadgets, tell the best jokes and eat at the best restaurants. The whole website is filled with fun top 10s that will make you laugh or, at the very least, learn something you didn’t know before. Just be careful: It’s near impossible to stop clicking once you start!

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