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Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland — a child’s imagined heaven. In Disneyland Adventures, kids can visit a haunted mansion, get a hug from Mickey Mouse, soar over London and into Neverland with Peter Pan, and have other wondrous experiences that are normally available only in the imagination.

You play as a child, and you’re free to roam around the park without the big crowds and the watchful eye of your parents. First you introduce yourself to Mickey Mouse, who’s standing nearby, and if you walk up to Mickey and wave, you’re given the first of dozens of errands Disney characters have for you.

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you’re sure to be impressed by the accuracy with which it has been re-created here. Unfortunately, moving around the park in the game isn’t that easy, sometimes even a little frustrating. You use your arm to guide your character around, which is sufficient for heading in the right and makes stopping in specific spots difficult.

There are 18 attractions represented, and each one is exciting as the actual Disneyland. In Peter Pan’s Flight, you fly with Peter over a lovely animated London, and then enter Neverland and ultimately duel with Captain Hook himself. In Space Mountain, you go on a speedy journey through the stars that brings you close to a black hole, a gas giant, and a comet field. Experience and enjoy these wonderful attractions and many more right in the comfort your home.

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