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Max Payne 3

Back in 2003, when Max Payne last appeared, he blasted his way through countless enemies, aided by his signature ability to slow time and deal graceful death. Now, Max has a new trick up his sleeve.

Following the story, Max flees New York life to take a job working security for a wealthy family in Sao Paulo. And the details of the plot add up to your typical story of conspiracy and corruption, of the rich and powerful preying on the poor and helpless to become even more rich and powerful.

There’s a great variety of guns to use in Max Payne 3 — pistols, shotguns, rifles, you name it. Max can still dual-wield weapons — any larger weapon you grab is carried in his left hand, and if you opt to dual-wield your smaller weapons, he has to drop the bigger gun. There are standard deathmatch and team deathmatch games, campaign, and multiplayer, which are all great different ways of playing the game.

Max Payne 3 has far more sunlight and color than earlier Max Payne games, but the menaces Max faces here are at least as dark as those he’s faced before, and just as cool.

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