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Meme Faces on Facebook Chat

After invading the internet through 9gag by giving lots and lots of laughs and funny antics, the “memes” are now attacking Facebook. Go roll and troll your friends with these wacky faces of the internet comedy today.

Here are some of the codes of the popular memes you can generate in your chat box:

[[171108522930776]] Trollface
[[164413893600463]] Me Gusta
[[218595638164996]] Yao Ming
[[189637151067601]] LOL
[[129627277060203]] Poker Face
[[227644903931785]] Forever Alone
[[100002752520227]] Okay
[[105387672833401]] Fuck Yeah
[[100002727365206]] Challenge accepted
[[169919399735055]] Not bad Obama
[[224812970902314]] Derp
[[192644604154319]] Derpina
[[142670085793927]] Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] Cereal Guy
[[168040846586189]] Like a Sir

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