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MSI-ECS Wins Big at Acer ePinnacle Awards 2015


MSI-ECS bags two prestigious recognitions from Acer, “Distributor of the Year” both for Tablets and Smart Phones, at the recently concluded Acer ePinnacle Awards 2015 held last March 3, 2016 at Chaos Club, City of Dreams. Entitled “Bo1d. Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership”, the annual gathering honors its top distributors and resellers in the country.

acer tablet disti of the year

Acer Tablet Distibutor of the year

The Acer ePinnacle Awards is now on its 8th year and have always been the venue for celebration and for thanking Acer’s partners who showed exemplary achievements in sales performance and in promoting Acer’s products.

acer smartphone disti of the year

Acer Smartphone Distibutor of the year

Acer Philippines General Manager Manuel Wong recognized the contribution of its partners and distributors for making Acer the top Notebook brand consistently for 10 years, six years in PC and three years in commercial notebooks in the Philippines. Also present in the event is Acer Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jason Chen who also thanked all its partners and shared what’s in store for Acer this 2016.