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Toshiba recalls more than 100,000 faulty laptop batteries

More than 100,000 Panasonic-branded battery laptop packs that were shipped with 39 models of Toshiba laptops were recalled by The US Consumer Product Safety Commission after they’ve received four reports of faulty battery packs overheating and melting

Toshiba laptops that were sold between 2011 and 2016 would be eligible for a free replacement for faulty lithium-ion batteries can overheat which poses burn and fire hazards.

This major recall affects Toshiba Protégé, Satellite and Tecra models sold pertains to specific Panasonic battery packs only as to some battery packs were also sold separately and were installed by Toshiba’s repair division. Optionally, consumers can perform a manual check using the laptop and battery pack’s model, part and serial numbers. Packs included in the recall have part numbers that begin with G71C.

This shall be another downfall to Toshiba’s notebook arm as it had already announced a partial withdrawal from the market. Not only Toshiba but also Microsoft, Fujitsu, and Sony have faced similar recalls relating to power adapters or overheating battery packs.