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Netflix might be buying its own movie theaters

Netflix has become a successful and well-received online streaming platform as it has already gained more than 125 million subscribers from ll over the world.

But aside from producing television and movie shows, the streaming site is reportedly looking into buying their own movie theaters to screen their original content.

In a report by, Netflix has been aiming for awards such as that in Cannes but its contents that have not been carried by major cinemas due to the day-and-date release format had affected their way to the competition.

Netflix’s Okja and First They Killed My Father were both eligible for the Palme d’Or award in last year’s Cannes despite their lack of screenings in theaters in France. The movies later became controversial and had received boos from the audience.

Netflix was then banned from competing for the award in the recent Cannes and was completely pulled out of the event.

Buying theaters could help the streaming company to have the eligibility to compete for awards but some filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and The Dark Knight and Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan have expressed their doubt regarding Netflix’s competition slot to major award-giving bodies.

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