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Papo & Yo

The ability to imagine is one of our most powerful capabilities as humans. Be it imagining a whole new different world filled with wonders, or making the everyday life magical. Somehow, our imagination depreciates as we grow older, and the world of explorations, monsters, and princesses fade away. In Papo & Yo, we are taken into the world that a child creates as an escape from the harsh world of reality.

You play as Quico, the young hero of Papo & Yo, with an imagination which serves to shy away from the bad and push towards the good side of things. Quico has little power and almost no control in his real, unstable life at home, so in this world, the sense of control is great. Chalk drawings can become the real thing. Turning gears, pulling levers, and turning keys are some of the things that allows Quico (you) to make things appear or move.

Not to fear, you are not alone in this imaginative world. Quico has his toy robot and his friend Lula, who can run to far switches, help Quico jump farther, and give words of encouragement. Then there’s also a monster named Monster, which Quico sometimes needs to bounce off of to reach high places.

The game has a simple yet rich storyline which nurtures not only a child’s imagination, but also teaches a child to understand a world that’s so hard to understand. But then, Papo & Yo is not a game only for children. Adults will also enjoy being in a child’s mind even for a while.

By John Allyza Marie

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