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Power Up: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Many kinds of backups and recovery procedures have been invented in today’s generation and most of us always need extended capabilities on how to protect our devices, files, etc. Due to different circumstances and opportunities, we tend to discover something new on how to resolve such issues in order not to lose an important matter again.

Power is also a great source that needs backup. Without it, we are most likely disabled because in this day and age, we heavily rely in electricity. Most of the appliances and devices we have in our homes need power to function. This is why when calamities happen, it is a must that we should be prepared at all times and deal with the issue to resolve it right away. Otherwise, we are not only the ones who will suffer but also the things that we use around us.

When it comes to power backup and recovery, Wordtext Systems Inc. (WSI), offers 2 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) brands with high class quality for desktop computers. A UPS is a device that sits between a power supply and a device to prevent undesired interruption in power source (outages, sags, surges, etc.,) from adversely affecting the performance of devices. UPS serves as temporary backup power in the event of any power interruption and will give enough time to save work and files before turning off the device correctly.

‘Rise of the Phoenix’, a well-known phrase from different generations because of the famous mythical creature Phoenix. With a spirited performance, WSI brings Phoenix UPS. Just like the bird with a bright fire, Phoenix UPS aims to give top-class power backup for devices. Whenever the power is out, always remember that Phoenix UPS is here to provide the ray of light for devices and prevent it from any harm.

Another UPS offered by WSI came all the way from China. Their most-trusted UPS is now available in the Philippines. The brand has been unanimously acknowledged by users in various industries with its technology research, development strength and reliable product quality. No need to worry about power interruptions from now on because Santak is here to back up devices anytime.

Wordtext Systems Inc., an IT distributor in the Philippines, offers unlimited power supplies such as Santak and Phoenix. For more inquiries, you may contact them at (+63 2) 858-5555 or visit their website at