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Researchers develop phone app that can detect eye disease through photos

Researchers developed a phone app called CRADLE app (Computer Assisted Detector of Leukoria) which can reportedly spot possible eye defect through photos.

In a report by Engadget, CRADLE app which is available for Android and iOS uses machine learning to look for early signs of “white eye” reflections in photos which could indicate possible retinoblastoma, cataracts and other conditions.

The app can reportedly beat doctors as it is frequently prescient. Scientists reportedly tested the app with nearly 53,000 photos of 40 children where half had eye diseases. The AI system then spotted 16 instances an average of 1.3 years before doctors made a diagnosis.

While the app works best for kids, it is useful regardless of age. The app though is helpful for parents when it comes to detecting eye diseases with their kids who can’t always say that they have vision problems as mentioned by IEEE Spectrum.

Despite its effective detection of white eye in photographs, the researchers warned users that the app isn’t FDA-approved and doesn’t constitute a diagnosis.

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