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Sharp to introduce smart toilets for cats that can track health issues

Sharp Corp. is stepping into the pet market with its newest device, a smart toilet especially made for cats which can diagnose health issues of your feline pets.

In a report by Kyodo News, the smart toilet called Pet Care Monitor can measure urine data and the weight of the cat in order to keep track of its health.

The smart toilet can analyze whether the animal stays in the toilet for a long time, the quantity and number of times they urinate, and can keep track of its weight.

The data will then be transferred to their owner’s smartphone via an app called “Cocoro Pet”.

For pet owners with several cats, a sensor for identifying each pet is available which can work with the smart toilet to keep track of the health of up to three cats.

Senior executive managing officer Yoshisuke Hasegawa said: “Pets are now considered as part of the family and IoT technology has been used little in the pet market.”

“We joined the market with the aim of expanding our business and realizing a ‘smart’ life.”

Sharp plans to produce 2,500 units a month which will be priced at 24,800 yen ($226) each excluding tax.

The Pet Care Monitor is set to be released on July 30 this year.

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