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Siri gets smarter with its new update


Siri is getting smarter and sensitive as the mobile helper recognition system upgraded to information such as baseball leagues, up to giving a response for depression, abuse, and sexual assault.

Apple’s mobile device recognition has some more baseball smarts and loaded with the game’s history up in the Major League and other baseball career statistics. Apple responded to the criticism of the JAMA study that their voice recognition platform has poor responses to certain crisis statements. Now, Apple teamed up with the National Network (RAINN) to make Siri’s responses more appropriate, and the two will continue to work closely.


With the world filled with people who rely on their smartphone on a daily basis and situations that can’t be disclosed Apple has made their device more communicable and more responsive.

As Siri becomes more than just a trivia box, more improvements on the iOS could still be implied. Siri certainly isn’t a finished product and will still come with further enhancements in the next major release of Apple’s iOS.