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Social change programs of Globe lauded at Tambuli Awards

Globe Telecom was recently recognized at the 2015 UA&P Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards for being at the forefront of promoting of social good and inspiring genuine change through its programs and projects.

The company was among distinguished corporations and entities from eight different countries as it earned multiple citations under the advocacy category, namely Project Rainbow, Project 1 Phone and Project Greatness.

“Receiving the Tambuli awards emphasizes our commitment to our corporate social responsibility thrusts through our various programs which underscore the value of social change positively affecting our publics and various stakeholders. They will serve as our driving force to implement similar initiatives to benefit the Filipino people” said Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto.

Globe, in close collaboration with ASPAC advertising, received one of the highest accolades with a Gold Tambuli award for the company’s participation in “Project Rainbow.” To commemorate the first anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan, the telco mounted an exhibit in November 2014 at the Globe Tower to showcase 50 artworks made by Grade 2 students who survived the calamity. Drawing powerful images on optimism with crayons with their ravaged hometown as subject, their art pieces were exhibited and sold as donations. Guests from all around the world showed their support by purchasing and bringing home the said masterpieces.

The Project Rainbow exhibit generated close to P 500,000 in sales and donations from the art works, and another P 200,000 for merchandising. Proceeds of the exhibit went to art workshops held in Tacloban to help bring joy to the young survivors. Merchandising materials were also created to help amplify the awareness for the project. Project proponents also partnered with other groups in Tacloban to help children recover their courage after weathering one of the world’s strongest storms.The campaign also generated excellent traction online and its message of positivity were picked up by traditional media as well.

Project 1 Phone, the largest and most ambitious mobile recycling program in the Philippines, also won for Globe a Silver Tambuli award. As the company’s response to wanton and irresponsible disposal of phones, batteries and other various e-wastes, the campaign aims to create awareness on proper e-waste disposal and to promote sustainability. Providing donation bins in various Globe stores around the country for old, non-working and unwanted phones and gadgets made it easy for customers and stakeholders to participate in the program. Proceeds from Project 1 Phone will be added to build 40 school buildings in Aklan as part of the committed of Globe to erect more similar structures in the area.

Globe also received a Bronze award for its “Project Greatness,” a campaign geared toward the reinvention of the traditional concept of greatness for the Filipino Youth. The platform of the campaign is the “10 Stories of Greatness” YouTube video that aims to empower the youth to make their own mark in society and change their common concept of “greatness.” The video featured several prominent youth icons such as actress Bianca Gonzales-Intal, radio personality and YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos, and international battle rapper Protege. To date, the video has garnered over 1 million views and over 25,000 mentions in Twitter via its official hashtag, #DefyExpectations. Aside from its views and reach, the “10 Stories of Greatness” video also elicited a 97% positive sentiment reception on its YouTube page. In addition, the comments section was also filled with comments lauding the production value of the video and how inspiring its message was.

Honoring brands that deliver results and promote the social good, the UA&P Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards is inspired by the university’s vision to develop whole-person leaders who take initiative in the benefit of individuals, communities and the greater good. Globe Telecom is the only telecommunications company that was given recognition in the said awards serving as catalyst for positive social change.

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