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Gmail offers new themes and emonji

Google makes Gmail more personal and fun with the release of new themes and emonji. Gmail users can now have more ways to express their personality on their emails.

Themes are used to dress up your inbox and a separator of home and work accounts. This was first introduced way back in 2008. Six years after, Gmail users can now choose from the additional hundreds of high resolution themes. Aside from that, they can now use editing tools to personalized their themes even more.

Another exciting part of Gmail is the emonji. This allows users to express their feelings over email. Aside from the usual smileys, there are now emonji perfect for every occasion. You can now use emonjis like hamburger, firecrackers, cake, airplane and more.

All of these updates are already rolled out among Gmail users. If you haven’t seen it yet, check your settings and start to explore the new possibilities that you can take advantage of in your account.

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