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Sound waves travelling through your skull could soon be your ultimate password


Breaching one’s password is on the verge of reach at this age of hackers and internet criminals, but researchers of the University of Stuttgart, the University of Saarland and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany have developed a thing called ‘Skull Conduct’ a biometric authentication system that uses bone conduction speaker and mic on your head readily integrated into such devices as Google Glass.

This would be an innovation towards a new way of authenticating mobile devices, making biometrics lie under our skin. With Google Glass, this significant research works by playing an audio clip through a speaker and then it shall modify the sound while it travels through the wearer’s skull and analyze the distinct frequency to identify the user.


According to an article from Daily Mail. there are factors however that limit this device, first of which would be the background noise and another would be the weight gain of a user that could change the feedback that was sent directly to the mic. Thus, leaving the users locked out of their device.

However, this research is just still under development and in the process of progress so it shall be more refined by time. Though it’s not the typical solution to protect our devices, it could be a part of a second layer security. More of this research shall be presented at the Conference for Human-computer Interaction.

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