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Text-to-speech technology shows how artificial voices could sound like humans

Start up company WellSaid Labs has developed text-to-speech technology that could create artificial voices tat sound like real humans.

In an article published by CNN, the Seattle-based company uses voice actors and artificial intelligence in order to create synthetic voices that sound like real human voices through a text-to-speech software it has been developing for the past year.

As compared to Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant’s robotic voices, the company’s software recreate and generate speech with the same pitch, emphasis, and intonation as the source speaker.

The company shared demo videos on YouTube where one shows how a real voice actor is almost indistinguishable from the WellSaid Labs voice, uttering the same lines.

Another video shows how WellSaidLabs voice could be used in some television ads.

While the software has potential in the voice-assistant market, WellSaid Labs CEO Matt Hocking however said that it is not planning to take over the field, but rather hopes to to sell the voices to companies that want to use them in advertising, marketing and e-learning courses.

(Photo source: YouTube – WellSaid)