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Transport ad startup taps Lenovo to revolutionize commuter experience

As part of the company’s plan to revolutionize the local advertising industry, AdMov Transport Marketing Solutions, Inc. has partnered with global innovation leader Lenovo, to deliver highly interactive and personalized advertisements to commuters via tablet devices.

A startup that is making waves in the local advertising industry, AdMov uses tablets to show suited content and advertisements to commuters as its method of bridging the gap between brands and customers. Tablets are attached behind the front seat headrests of cars that are on ride-hailing services such as Grab, and its software can analyze the passenger’s gender, age, and even mood through facial detection technology.

The software then allows AdMov to present the appropriate content based on the information gathered. The program also uses geo-fencing to consider the vehicle’s real-time location. If, for example, the vehicle is traveling within Taguig City, the tablet will show content about nearby establishments. Integrated augmented reality technology is implanted in the software to further add interactivity.

“Personalized and interactive ads are simply more attention-grabbing as they greatly enhance the experience of those watching. Augmented reality, for example, allows interested buyers to try on products like accessories while inside the car,” says Ellard Capiral, co-founder and CEO of AdMov.

Despite data being examined, they are not stored by any means in which AdMov and its advertisers do not see the faces of passengers. If a person wishes to buy the product after seeing the generated advertisement, the software will provide links to the advertiser’s e-commerce site or social media accounts via QR codes, coupons, and email lead generation, so the passenger can conduct the transaction at his or her own time and device.

“It is a great opportunity to showcase Lenovo’s innovative capabilities in the advertising industry, where digital technology is steadily being integrated into the creation of new content,” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan.

According to Ngan, with people being flooded with tons of content every day, it is difficult for brands to connect with their audience. “The interactive advertisements shown by AdMov helps them stand out because the software has increased the efficiency of their ads in terms of reaching out and attracting potential customers, and we’re very excited that our products are part of this development within the advertising industry.”

Streamlining the process

Until the discovery of Lenovo Tab 4, AdMov had trouble in finding a tablet model that could support its program. Yet with the popularity of Lenovo Tab 4, the company still had to deal with multiple stores to fulfill its hardware requirements. Under this partnership, Lenovo is streamlining the whole device acquisition process by directly providing AdMov 10,000 Lenovo Tab 4 tablets. Through this, Lenovo is helping AdMov to reach its goal at a faster and much more efficient rate.

“Our services are built on a flexible framework that helps us develop the best solution for our customers’ requirements and business goals. By providing AdMov with a device that is powerful and robust enough to handle its software and facilitating direct acquisition, we help them to be on track in targeting their clients’ preferred audience,” said Ngan.

Lenovo Tab 4 is perfect for AdMov’s current requirements. It runs on a 1.40GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8017 processor and has 2GB LPDDR3 RAM for memory, 16GB internal storage, 2MP front camera, and LTE connectivity. With a 7000mAh battery, it does not overheat easily, which was the main problem with the first tablets AdMov tested. And by getting the product directly from Lenovo, the company no longer has to worry about buying individual units in different stores.