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Twitter for Android gets a dark mode

Dark mode is the craze recently. Instagram recently flipped the switch for the feature on its Android app. Now, it’s Twitter’s turn as it has updated its Android app to support dark mode.

In a tweet, Twitter announced that its Android app is getting a dark mode which users can toggle. They head over to settings, click “display and sound” and toggle dark mode from the options. Dark mode can be set to turn on automatically based on the sunrise and sunset times of a user’s location.

It’s worth noting that Twitter’s dark mode implementation is different. Instead of a black background, Twitter’s dark mode use a dark blue background.

Future updates might fix that as the recent alpha build of Twitter has a “lights out” feature that toggles a true dark mode that uses a black background. However, there is no timeline when the feature would arrive to most users.

For now, Twitter users have to make do with the dark mode the app provided.

Dark mode is helpful for users who are strained by white backgrounds while using their phones at dark environments. Also, the feature helps reduce battery consumption on AMOLED displays since these displays don’t use pixels to draw black UI elements.

(Photo source: Twitter)