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When you want it done is the leading independent home improvement and home repair website. It has been repeatedly honored among the Best on the Web, and was named “One of the Top 50 Sites in the World” by Time Magazine. In addition to its extraordinarily broad list of topics, it operates the most active home improvement forums on the Internet, enabling consumers to get personalized advice from professionals in over 100 subjects.

Do It Yourself is always a wellspring of easy and helpful hints for homeowners and renters alike. This page offers a snappy shortlist of efficient alternatives to your basic home improvement projects. If you plan on replacing appliances, putting in new flooring, or just slapping on a fresh coat of paint, there are plenty of suggestions here on how you might take a green approach to your improvement. While some of the suggestions may require you to hire a contractor, the savings should make the upfront expense worthwhile.

The site has a goal to provide consumers with unbiased home improvement and repair information in a community environment. Today, averages over two million unique visitors per month. With comprehensive how-to content and expertly moderated community forums DoItYourself makes it easy to tackle even the most complex home improvement projects.

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