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89-year-old ‘Gamer Grandma’ plays video games to keep her mind sharp

89-year-old Tokyo resident Hamako Mori has been gaining attention on social media as she delights gaming enthusiasts through her YouTube channel where she shares videos of her while playing video games.

In a story published by Kotaku, Mori said that she has been playing video games for nearly four decades now, starting off with the the Cassette Vision, which was released in 1981. She later played The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest after getting into the Famicom.

Now, Mori has been playing modern-day video games such as ‘Skyrim’ and ‘Days Gone’ among others and has been uploading videos of her while playing the video games.

She said: ““The graphics for the recent games are truly amazing. I think it’s truly wonderful to have lived this long.”

“As you get older, I recommend single-player games over multiplayer. Inevitably, if you’re on the battlefield with younger players, you’ll slow them down… But, I think as the number of elderly players increases, there will be dedicated servers where that won’t be a concern,” Mori added.

One reason why she keeps playing video games according to her is to keep her mind sharp.

“If you play video games, you don’t get dementia,”

“If you are into fashion or playing sports, there comes a time when you cannot continue those hobbies. Even as you get older, it’s wonderful to keep gaming,” Mori said.

(Photo source: YouTube – Gamer Grandma)