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A closer look at Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens that is capable of projecting realistic holograms has more to it than what it can offer.

The Verge took a look of what’s inside the special piece of technology and came up with the conclusion that this device has an untethered design that can possibly make augmented reality a better place. Whilst in its development, HoloLens has shown its beauty that when it is ready to ship to consumers, it could be slimmer, lighter and more powerful.

Other than its built-in headset and spatial speakers that can project special-angled-audio to make it sound like it’s coming from one part of the room, Microsoft HoloLens has a visor with a depth sensor capable of scanning a room in 3D, much like the company’s Kinect camera but made to fit on your forehead. The visor also holds the special holographic lenses that beam images straight into the user’s eyes.


The HoloLens has a unique boomerang-shaped motherboard to fit the design that has a 32-bit Intel CPU, RAM, flash storage, chips for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and HPU or the Microsoft’s holographic processing unit. This amazing design that’s able to squeeze trio of batteries positioned around the device to power the experience, and an “Air tap to make users decide for its selection, marks another achievable goal for the company. Microsoft HoloLens supports peripheral opportunities to do tasks using the Bluetooth and Windows 10 system.