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Batman: Arkham City

Everyone knows Gotham City, the crime-infested metropolis that needs a hero everyday. Now we have a new version of Gotham, and it may be the most unforgettable one we’ll get to see. Boasting rich details and exciting environments, Batman will have a grand time protecting this one.

Batman:Arkham City is set on the northern part of Gotham, now a sealed-off superprison for the city’s worst criminals. As the Caped Crusader, your task is to establish order to the chaotic streets, foiling the villians’ evil plots, and protecting their innocent prey.

Combat is quite simple: one button performs your attacks, while another counters the enemy’s attacks. This battle system is deeply absorbing, as you get into the rhythm of the battle, chaining your attacks together and turning your enemies’ attacks against them. Batman’s variety of gadgets plays a big role in combat. Here you can quickly fire off your wonderful toys while keeping your combo going.

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