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Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja, the widely popular fruit slashing game was a big hit in the IOS and android platforms. Now, fans of the game will get to enjoy slashing up fruits in the Xbox 360.

Fruit Ninja controls surprisingly well using the Kinect Sensor. The sensor watches your body movements and they are replicated in the form of a shadow being cast on the background. As you move the shadow mimics your every action.

The game provides some of the most vibrant graphics we’ve seen on the Xbox Live Arcade in recent memory. You can eventually unlock new backgrounds by earning high scores and replaying the game’s various modes.

Aside from the full body motion control, you are also able to play the game in the traditional arcade mode, where missing three fruits or hitting a bomb ends the round, a zen mode where there is no penalty for missed fruits and no bombs. Finally there is the multiplayer mode that allows two people to slash things together, fruit salad style.

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