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Guide to Dog Care

Man’s best friend is also a woman’s best friend, kid’s best friend – in fact, he or she is the family’s best friend.  Since your canine companion can’t speak, it is hard to know what he wants.  Thankfully, there are some great websites out there that offer loads of helpful dog advice. One of them is

This site has been around for 14 years and has covered from behavior to protection, and leash laws to dog therapy. This site has a resource for almost everything.  It’s designed to be a site for kids, but it can benefit a dog owner of any age.

Originally, this is a fun and interactive website for kids who love dogs. The benefit of children learning about dogs goes beyond the care and training of our canine friends. Lessons on respect, responsibility, love, and compassion toward animals transfer to all areas of a child’s life. Kids who learn and practice being kind, gentle, and generous with dogs naturally extend those feelings to people as well.

This site features over 90 topics and 300 pages. The focus is on kindness, commitment, respect, and responsible dog care. It tackles training, behavior problems, health problems, ideas for grooming, and a great section on puppy tips. It is a truly great website for dog lovers out there.

Have Fun!

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