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The new Nokia Asha Touch

Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is already a necessity rather than a luxury. While they are mainly used as a communication tool, mobile phones have also become a source of entertainment and a preferred way of connecting to the Internet.

However, even in the Philippines, a nation generally regarded as tech-savvy, not everyone gets to enjoy such privileges. This is mostly because smartphones that contain all these features are oftentimes beyond the means of most Filipinos.

Not anymore. Nokia has found an affordable way to help keep Filipinos connected as it introduces the Asha Touch family. Featuring three exciting smartphones that are perfect for young and urban Filipino consumers, the Nokia Asha Touch range, which consists of Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306, and Nokia Asha 311, offer unique features that promise several ways of entertainment.

The Nokia Asha Touch range of smartphones are packed with qualities that will surely give users their money’s worth. Through their design as well as their exciting feature s, you will discover that these phones let you explore endless possibilities.

With one look, one will immediately notice the stylish designs of the Nokia Asha Touch smartphones. Following Nokia’s legacy of having a superb design, Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311 are beautifully crafted using high-quality materials. They feature a bright, colorful and intuitive touch screen that allows users to experience fun and adventure right at their fingertips. These phones are also available in colors that match your personality or your lifestyle.

But more important than a smartphone’s exterior are its features that tell us what it’s really capable of. Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311 all have a visually entertaining user interface that’s fun to use. They also come with Nokia’s exclusive offer where you can download 40 EA games for free. This includes all-time favorite titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed and The Run. And if you are done with these games, there are also around 35,000 other apps waiting to be explored.

Nokia Asha Touch smartphones also allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones through email and chat on the most popular instant messaging providers. You can also stay social by accessing your Facebook and Twitter from the preloaded application. Each smartphone is also equipped with Nokia Maps, which helps you discover and get to your new adventures.

All Nokia Asha Touch smartphones also come with the new Nokia Browser, which makes mobile browsing a better experience for all users. With this improved feature, you can now surf the Internet up to three times faster. Nokia Browser also helps you have a cheaper mobile experience as it reduces your data costs by up to 90 percent.

But although they come from the same family, each of the three smartphones has its unique feature. Nokia Asha 305 is the only one among the three which has the Easy Swap Dual SIM technology, which makes it easier for users to manage several SIM cards without the hassle of turning off the device. It is reasonably priced at P3,890 and is available in Red, Mid Blue, Dark Grey and Silver White.

Meanwhile, its sister device, the Nokia Asha 306 provides WLAN, enabling users to say connected even while they’re on the move. Valued at P4,250, it is also Nokia’s most affordable WIFI handset. It also comes in Red, Mid Blue, Dark Grey and Silver White.

The third smartphone, Nokia Asha 311, boasts of a scratch resistant, capacitive glass screen that’s suitable for a fun and easy mobile experience. Aside from being a 3G device, it is also powered by a 1GHz processor which is handy for a greater and even faster Internet experience. It will be available in two colors: Rose Red and Dark Grey.

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