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Canon introduced new CINE-SERVO lens

Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc. announced today a new addition to the Company’s EF Cinema Lens lineup with the introduction of a new CINE-SERVO lens,1 available in the EF mount-version CN20 X 50 IAS H/E1 and the PL mount-version CN20 X 50 IAS H/P1.

The new CINE-SERVO lens features a 50–1000 mm focal length range and high 20x zoom magnification, the world’s longest focal length2 and world’s highest magnification in its class.2 Enabling new possibilities in imaging expression, the lens’s exceptionally long focal length and superior optical performance, which facilitates use with large-format cameras and the capture of 4K-resolution video, as well as its high mobility and the incorporation of a removable Digital Drive unit, support a wide range of applications ranging from serial dramas, television commercials and motion pictures, to sporting events and nature programs.

With a focal length range spanning from 50 mm at its widest angle to 1000 mm at the telephoto end, the new Canon CINE-SERVO lens realizes the world’s longest focal length and, with a 20x zoom ratio, achieves the world’s highest magnification. Furthermore, it is the world’s first2 drive-unit-equipped zoom lens compatible with large-format-sensor cameras3 to incorporate an internal extender (1.5x), making possible an expanded focal length range of up to 1500 mm at the telephoto end. The feature supports the shooting of sporting events, nature programs and other productions that often require the camera to be at a distance from the subject.

Bringing together Canon’s cutting-edge optical technologies, the new CN20 X 50 IAS H CINE-SERVO lens delivers a level of imaging performance supporting use with 4K cameras, maintaining 4K-resolution performance throughout the entire zoom range as well as from the center of the image to the outer edges. Because the lens realizes 4K imaging even when utilizing its internal extender, it can support a wide variety of high-quality 4K video productions, which have begun increasing in number.

Despite its impressive focal length range, magnification capabilities and imaging performance, the Canon CINE-SERVO lens features a compact, lightweight body design making possible superior mobility. When the user attaches the drive unit, it enables the same operability as ENG (Electronic News Gathering) broadcast lenses. When removed, the lens allows for full manual operation, the preferred approach when shooting motion pictures and other cinematic productions.

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