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Google’s new app lets you control your smartphone via Voice Commands


Google released an application that lets a user navigate its phone entirely using a voice command.

The application is called Voice access and it was specifically designed for people who has accessibility issues such as paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other reasons. It will let them and the others move around and open an app that can be utter through voice commands such as “Go home” or “Open Chrome”. The great thing about this is that it places numbers next to icons and objects on a screen so a user can already say the number associated with an item you want to interact with.

Google has been improving their accessibility since that lead to the making of a totally comprehensive app possible with 100 percent audible navigation. Voice Access joins other features designed for people with disabilities such as a text-to-speech software called ChromeVox of the Google Chromebooks and Google documents that can create files using one’s voice.

However, if you are eager to use this application, it is still in Beta and the program is already full. According to the Voice Access page, the testing program has enough testers and isn’t accepting more users for now.