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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

With a combination of dynamic combat, a vast selection of game modes, and hard-hitting characters, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is no disappointment for Tekken fans.

For old players, we all know long combo strings deal big damage to your opponent. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you need to understand and apply three attack types to build an extended combo: launchers, bounds, and tags. Launcher attacks send your opponent into the air, but will leave you very vulnerable if they’re blocked or dodged. A good strategy is to start of with a two-hit combo before hurling a launcher. After the launch, you can follow-up with the next technique — a bound. Bounds drag your foe from the air and rebound him off the ground. While he’s rebounding, you can hit him with more combos, and then use the last string of your combo – tagging. Your partner dashes in and ready to strike, continuing your combo.

One of the things you have to watch out for is your health bar. Even though each fighter on a tag team has his own bar, if one fighter loses all of his or her health, then that team loses the round.

The game is packed with a cast of more than 44 fighters, and each fighter will usually have more than a hundred moves for you to master. And with this line-up, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a great fighting game and was definitely worth the wait.

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