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HTC Desire V: Upwardly Mobile

When you are climbing the corporate ladder, time is always of the essence. Everything needed to be done yesterday, and anything that will make life more convenient is definitely worth investing in.

There is a need then, to find a handy gadget that helps you keep your life in check. It is common to see young professionals lugging around two phones just to stay in touch with all the contacts in two different networks, both for professional and social reasons. Some would take time to switch SIMs manually, whenever they have a need to call or text someone. But with the fast-paced life of a busy executive, who really has the time to do that?

The HTC Desire V has the handy time-management feature of having dual SIM slots, with both SIMs working at the same time! The Desire V guarantees that you are always connected. With the dual stand by and dual calling features, you will always be reachable whether it’s a call from your friends, or a conference call for work. You never have to miss an important call or text message, because the sleek mobile phone ensures that you are available even when on the go!

The HTC Sense feature, which is available on all HTC Smartphones, is geared towards making life a lot easier for upwardly mobile professionals. HTC gives you the most intuitive call and gesture features on a smartphone yet: When you are talking on the phone, flipping the unit over activates the conference speaker which allows you to invite more of your colleagues to join for consultation. The phone’s special Smart Dial feature finds contacts and recently dialed numbers in a flash.

For fast access, customization is key. With the Desire V, you can see all your home screen panels as thumbnails with the press of a button and then arrange them however you want. All of these are easily visible with the phone’s sizeable 4” WVGA screen that is easy on the eyes, along with a sure grip finish that comes in an eye-catching yet durable design.

The expansive screen also makes it easier to read email correspondences and documents that you can store and retrieve in your two-year free Dropbox space, along with recordings of the conversations, drawings, photos, or other content type from meetings to your Notes all in one place! Researching facts and figures online for an important presentation is also easier with Text Reflow, where the text automatically resizes to the width of the screen so you’ll never have to pan left and right to read text on a web page. Plus, the new dual-time zone feature in Calendar helps you call friends, family, or colleagues around the world at their most convenient times.

Photos and videos of festive gatherings with family and friends during your downtime is more enjoyable, as HTC offers a true digital camera on your phone, as it adjusts to allow for clear, crisp, in-focus photos even in adverse lighting conditions. You can also relax or rock on to your fave tunes with the awesome Beats by Dr. Dre experience, where you hear the music at its most authentic.

Enjoy all these features and more with the HTC Desire V, now available at all accredited retailers and HTC concept stores.

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